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Tranquility WoolFelt Collection
The wool-blend Tranquility colors. (left to right) Morning Air, Blissful Lavender, Pink Sweetness, Serene Green, Euphoric Gold, Soothing Aloe, and Outdoor Retreat.

Wool-Blend Colors for Serenity

These seven Tranquility wool-blend felt WoolFelt® colors are special. One of the reasons why is they reflect our appreciation for the serene moments. These are the times when stress just drifts away.  Another reason why is they were introduced in 2020. As you know, that was a big year for stress! The extraordinary circumstance of COVID-19 in 2020 gave us a renewed sense of gratitude.

Tranquility woolfelt and card
kberlew. I received some happy mail from @nationalnonwovens last week – samples from their new Tranquility WoolFelt collection! I just love these calming colors…

At Commonwealth Felt, we are grateful National Nonwovens (our parent company), stayed in operations. After such a stressful year, serving customers with quality wool-blend felt is even more satisfying. Many continue to reach out to us, sharing stories of how crafting and sewing with our WoolFelt® brings joy and connection, especially during times of intense stress and isolation.

These colors are now new favorites. Small business owners, consumers, and designers continue to share pictures and projects made with Tranquility Colors. Kathleen Berlew (, a leading designer often featured in publications, shared this photo (right). Also, many “felt florist” use Tranquility wool-blend felt in their new designs popular with modern consumers.

The Tranquility WoolFelt® colors are a combination of wool-blend styles WCF001 and TOY002.  Additionally, TOY002 color 0501 is renamed Blue Hosta and is included in this collection.

About Wool-blend WoolFelt®

Wool-blend felt is popular today for making DIY home décor, holiday crafts, and children’s items. No other manufacturer comes close to National Nonwovens in offering the enormous selection of colors. We have almost 200 WoolFelt® colors, far surpassing the competition! National Nonwovens is also one of the only remaining manufacturers in the USA still making felt and dyeing the felt in-house at the mills in Easthampton, MA.

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