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Recently we reflected on our company’s century-plus history of manufacturing wool felt. Although wool felt is a staple “utility” material used in products for the home, its appeal for décor items fluctuates with the trends. Our WoolFelt® is now trendy again!

One of the most darling modern trends centers around (literally) the very youngest audience…
babies! WoolFelt® baby mobiles are enchanting for babies to gaze at and beautiful for us to admire.

Here are some artists creating stunning crib mobiles.



All.Tuckered.Out by Jenny Mitchell

From the moment Jenny and her husband found out they were expecting, they knew they wanted a mountain-themed nursery. Not knowing the gender of the baby, finding a gender-neutral
mountain-themed mobile proved to be difficult.

“Having been an avid cross stitcher in my younger years, I decided to create my own mobile. I quickly fell in love with creating these one of a kind pieces and started All.Tuckered.Out Mobiles, named after our son, Tucker.”

Felt was a natural choice for Jenny. “It’s so wonderful to work with. Wool felt blends are a dream to cut, and stitch up beautifully. I consider handmade mobiles to be a keepsake item and I’m confident that felt will stand the test of time. Plus, I LOVE the vast color selections!



Aprilderek by Amanda Zemon

Around 10 years ago, Amanda made a mobile for her sister-in-law, who was expecting a baby girl. She wanted to make something to match her nursery decor.

“I couldn’t find anything I liked in the big box stores, so I set out to make one myself. Back then I admittingly had no idea what I was doing, but I loved the creative process! Over time, I learned more and more about different types of felt. I fell head over heels for wool blend felt, and National Nonwovens has the BEST selection and quality! I love your felt!!!”

Amanda has a passion for the ocean and ocean conservation, so many of her designs are coastal themed. She also enjoys making animal-themed mobiles.



Baby Jives by Jahje Ives

In 2010 when Jahje was pregnant with her first baby, she couldn’t find the perfect mobile. With the fabric she had on-hand, Jahje created a mobile with fabric birds twirling on yarn wrapped branches.

“Since then I have been working to put a bit of wonder into the world with my art inspired by the magic of childhood. I love using felt because of the sculptural possibilities I can achieve with it. Unlike cotton fabric, felt has body to it which allows me to embroider it into leaves, butterflies and even dragons that can hold their shape like a drawing come to life.”



BabeShowsMobiles by Christine Follet

Christine Follet takes handmade floral nursery mobiles to an exquisitely beautiful level, making them works of art for babies and adults alike. WoolFelt® is the perfect material for her mobiles. “Felt is so easy to work with and is perfectly soft for baby mobiles. I love the enormous color choices. The possibilities are endless, never restricting on my projects.”

Christine has an Etsy shop with a variety of choices or the option to request custom made. “I allow buyers to choose their colors, or I help them match felt colors to inspiration items from their nursery.”

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